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Keep warm and cozy despite cold weather. Our hoodies for men are designed to help you survive cold nights. Choose your design carefully, as with great apparel comes great responsibility – wear it with pride and prepare for jealous gamers gazing at you. That’s right, some of our hoodies are pretty amazing, just check them out!

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ASSASSIN'S CREED: Rogue Crest Men's Hoodie

Carry yourself like a true assassin! But there’s no chance you’ll go unnoticed… you will simply avoi..

46.99€ Ex Tax: 38.20€

CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS II: Zipper Men's Hoodie

A hoodie worth the Black Ops operator! A zip was added to help you show your battle scars with ease ..

23.99€ Ex Tax: 19.50€

CALL OF DUTY: Advanced Warfare Sentinel Men's Hoodie

Are you a member of the Sentinel Task Force? Is it the faction you always choose when playing multip..

23.99€ Ex Tax: 19.50€

FALLOUT 4: Vault 111 Men's Hoodie

This Fallout 4 - Vault 111 Hoodie gives a perfect fit. The sweater is blue and so is the billed hood..

51.99€ Ex Tax: 42.27€

G2A.COM Basic Men's Hoodie

A legendary G2A.COM Basic Hoodie pulled off by celebrities across the gaming industry...

60.00€ Ex Tax: 48.78€

G2A.COM Unisex Black Hoodie 2017 Edition New

G2A.COM Unisex Black Hoodie 2017 Edition

A convenient piece of apparel with a logo of your favorite gaming marketplace ;-) with a hood to cov..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 32.52€

MARVEL: Captain America - Civil War Men's Hoodie

If you wear this hoodie, there will be no excuses. You will openly support Captain America’s team, s..

53.98€ Ex Tax: 43.89€

METAL GEAR SOLID V: Diamond Dogs Zipper Men's Hoodie

Check out this Metal Gear Solid V - Diamond Dogs Zipper Hoodie. The hoodie is black and closes with ..

46.99€ Ex Tax: 38.20€

NINTENDO: Luigi Logo Unisex Hoodie

If you’re a younger sibling, we know the pain you hold in your heart. Just let it go and confront yo..

47.99€ Ex Tax: 39.02€

NINTENDO: Mario Logo Unisex Hoodie

A hoodie for a superhero! If you’re a master at saving princesses and were born to be player 1, you ..

47.99€ Ex Tax: 39.02€

STAR WARS: Darth Vader Dark Side Men's Hoodie

If you are the master of the Dark Side of the Force, if your ambition is to become the Sith Lord a..

46.99€ Ex Tax: 38.20€

STAR WARS: Reversible Chewbacca Men's Hoodie

This reversible hoodie sees you through every life situation:Need to wear something casual – wear it..

86.99€ Ex Tax: 70.72€

STAR WARS: Stormtrooper Men's Hoodie

Stormtrooper’s helmet with the Empire logo in the background leaves no doubts – The Empire intensifi..

46.99€ Ex Tax: 38.20€

STAR WARS: Stormtrooper Trainings Men's Jacket

In order to join the Stormtroopers, you need to keep fit! There’s no need to learn how to shoot but ..

51.99€ Ex Tax: 42.27€

STAR WARS: Sweat - Bobafett Men's Hoodie

Show the world that you support Bounty hunters and their… job.NOTE: It is not recommended to wear th..

47.99€ Ex Tax: 39.02€